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  • The 21st circuit commission released demographic, interviewee and meeting information for the Dueker associate circuit judge vacancy in St. Louis County and has updated the meeting location. On August 11, the commission nominated John Borbonus III, Brian May and Stanley Wallach for the Cohen circuit judge vacancy in St. Louis County.
  • The governor on August 8 appointed Family Court Commissioner Margaret Donnelly to fill the Dolan circuit judge vacancy in St. Louis County; on August 3 appointed Assistant Circuit Attorney Timothy Boyer to fill the Bryant associate circuit judge vacancy in St. Louis; and on July 26 appointed Deputy Probate Commissioner Mark Styles Jr. to fill the Forsyth circuit judge vacancy in Jackson County.
  • Public alert: Beginning June 8, the Supreme Court of Missouri elevator will be taken out of service for several months for repairs.
  • The Supreme Court of Missouri on May 11 announced the impending retirement of its clerk, Bill Thompson, after nearly four decades of service to the Court and the appointment of its director of government relations and deputy counsel, Betsy AuBuchon, as its next clerk.
  • The Missouri judiciary is piloting the "Track This Case" feature.


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