Through Case.Net you will be able to search the database of any public court that is participating in the Missouri Court Automation Project. At the top of every page there are two court selection boxes. One box provides links to the Appellate Courtsí databases and one box provides links to the Circuit and Trial Courtsí databases. To access a particular courtís database, simply click on the arrow next to the appropriate court selection box and scroll down to the name of the court you wish to access. When the name is highlighted click on the ďGOĒ button. Case.Net will open the database in the selected court system and provide three choices for searching the database. At any place in Case.Net you can select a different search method or begin another search within the same database by highlighting a search method from the provided drop down menu and clicking on the [GO] button. Remember that Case.Net will only return information on cases deemed open to the public.

Circuit Name Search - If you know the "litigantís" name or a part of the name, you can enter it in the appropriate box. For example, you can enter "Herm" in last name box and Case.Net will retrieve all the cases with a litigant whose last name begins with "Herm" such as Herman or Hermit. Or, you can enter "man" in the last name box and Case.Net will retrieve all the cases with a litigant whose last name begins with "man" like Manfred or Mann. Notice that this search method is not case sensitive. It doesnít matter whether you use capital or lower case letters.

Open-ended searches are very time consuming and some browsers may stop responding before retrieval of the information is complete. This is called a time-out. The more information you can provide the more you will narrow the search. Before trying this search method you may wish to review the Court Specific Help Page for the court you want to access. For your convenience a link has been provided at the top of this page.


The first name field operates that same as the last name field, in that it is not case sensetive, and only the first letter(s) of the name need be entered to perform a search. The middle initial field allows only the first letter of the middle name to be entered. The case filing date field requires all four digits of the year be entered.

The case type field has five (5) categories include the below case types:

The county selection block is dynamic and reacts to any choice made by the user. For example, in the 12th Circuit, cases from both Montgomery and Warren counties are available on A person can choose to search cases in both counties, or a person can choose one of the available counties. If the person chooses one county, then the location block populates with the individual divisions within that county. An option to search all divisions in that county will be available at this point.

Statewide Name Search - This search can be accessed by choosing "All of the Above" from the drop down menu under the list of participating Circuit Courts.

By using the Statewide Name Search, one name can be entered to retrieve all cases associated to the name from all participating circuit court databases, appellate court databases and the Supreme Court database. The required and optional fields used in this search method are the same as those used in the circuit name search (above) except that individual counties and divisions cannot be selected. To search an individual circuit or division, a participating circuit court must be selected.