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Subject: Rule 5 - Rules Governing the Missouri Bar and the Judiciary - Complaints and Proceedings Thereon Publication / Adopted Date:June 20, 1995
Topic:The Advisory Committee - Membership and TenureRevised / Effective Date:November 16, 2009

5.01. The Advisory Committee - Membership and Tenure

This Court shall appoint a committee known as the "Advisory Committee," which shall be composed of not fewer than six lawyers and two nonlawyers. This Court will attempt to maintain nonlawyer membership at no less than one-fourth of the total membership. The members of the committee on the effective date of this Rule 5 shall continue as members of the committee until their terms expire.

Before commencing the duties of a member of the committee, each member shall take an oath to support the constitution of the United States and this state and to fairly and impartially perform the member's duties.

Each member shall be appointed to a four-year term. No member shall be requested to serve more than two successive terms exclusive of any unexpired term. Each member shall serve until a successor is appointed and qualified.

The members of the Advisory committee shall serve without compensation, but their reasonable and necessary expenses shall be reimbursed.

This Court shall designate one members of the advisory committee as chair. The committee shall designate one member as vice chair. The chair shall be the chief administrative officer, and the ethics counsel shall keep minutes of the proceedings of the committee.

(Adopted June 20, 1995, eff. Jan. 1, 1996. Amended and eff. November 16, 2009.)