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Subject: Rule 5 - Rules Governing the Missouri Bar and the Judiciary - Complaints and Proceedings Thereon Publication / Adopted Date:June 20, 1995
Topic:Advisory Committee and Regional Disciplinary Committees - DivisionsRevised / Effective Date:March 1, 1998

5.03. Advisory Committee and Regional Disciplinary Committees--Divisions

The advisory committee and the regional disciplinary committee in any region may sit en banc or in divisions as the committee may determine. Except as provided in Rule 5.05, each division shall be composed of not fewer than three lawyer members and one nonlawyer member and shall have the same powers and duties and follow the same procedures as provided by this Rule 5 for the full committee. The committee chair may sit as a member of any division. A division shall designate one of its members as the presiding officer and one to keep minutes of its proceedings.

(Adopted June 20, 1995, eff. Jan. 1, 1996; Feb. 13, 1998, eff. Mar. 1, 1998.)