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Subject: Rule 55 - Rules of Civil Procedure - Rules Governing Civil Procedure in the Circuit Courts - Pleadings and Motions Publication / Adopted Date:January 19, 1973
Topic:Pleading RequiredRevised / Effective Date:July 1, 2010

55.01. Pleading Required

There shall be a petition and an answer; and there shall be a reply to a counterclaim denominated as such; an answer to a cross-claim, if the answer contains a cross-claim; a third-party petition, if a person who was not an original party is summoned under the provisions of Rule 52.11; and there shall be a third-party answer, if a third-party petition is served. A defense consisting of an affirmative avoidance to any matter alleged in a preceding pleading must be pleaded. No other pleading shall be required except as ordered by the court.

(Adopted Jan. 19, 1973, eff. Sept. 1, 1973, eff. July 1, 2010.)