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Subject: Rule 30 - Rules of Criminal Procedure - Appellate Procedure in All Criminal Cases A. Criminal Proceedings Pending Before a Circuit Judge Publication / Adopted Date:June 13, 1979
Topic:Oral ArgumentRevised / Effective Date:January 1, 1992

30.19. Oral Argument

The time for oral argument in this Court and in each district of the court of appeals shall be as ordered by the court in which the appeal is pending. Time may be extended by the presiding judge to the extent of time taken by questions from the bench and answers thereto. The appellant may divide his time between the original and reply argument but no more than one-fourth of the time shall be consumed by reply argument. Cross-appeals shall be treated as one cause and in such case the defendant shall be entitled to the time allotted to the appellant and the state to the time allotted to the respondent.

(Adopted June 13, 1979, eff. Jan. 1, 1980. Amended May 14, 1991, eff. Jan. 1, 1992.)