Jury Information
(636) 949-3088 (telephone)
(636) 949-7503 (facsimile)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of service?
You are only called for the date on the summons. If you are selected to serve, you will serve the appointed amount of days for that trial. The average trial in St. Charles County is 2 to 3 days. Whether you are selected to serve or not, your service will be done for two years.
What can I bring with me to the Courthouse?
You may bring books, laptops, cell phones, and pagers. We do ask that you turn off all cells and pagers while in the Courtroom. You may check for messages during your recesses. Some jurors bring in laptops to do work on, but we do not have wireless connections.
What is a daily schedule like?
You will need to arrive at your appointed time, usually 8:30 A.M., to the Jury Assembly Room #215. Once there, you will be checked in, given a Jury Badge, and seated in the room to see the Jury Instruction Video. When the Judge is ready, he or she will call for your group to be brought up to the Courtroom.The Court does take breaks. A typical court day has a morning recess, lunch break around Noon, and an afternoon break. The Court tries to end each day at or near 5 P.M. unless you are in deliberations, and then you will go until deliberations are finished.
What will I be paid for Jury Duty?
All jurors are paid $20.00 exclusive of mileage.
Where should I park?
The Court is unable to provide parking. The City does maintain a Municipal parking Garage located across the street from the Courts Administration Building. The cost is $2.00, correct change is suggested and the fee is not reimbursed by the Courts. There is street parking on most streets around the Courts Administration Building, however, some parking is time restricted. Do not park in one hour parking places. Do no use handicapped parking without a permit.
Can I volunteer for Jury Duty?
No, state statue requires that the Jurors are selected by a random draw.
What do we do in case of Severe Weather Conditions?
The Court Administration Building rarely closes due to Weather Conditions. You should listen to Channels 2, 4, or 5 for alerts. If the Announcement says that St. Charles County Offices are closed, that does not mean that the Courts Administration Building is closed. Listen carefully for the correct announcement. You may also call the hotline number you called to verify that your trial was still scheduled. We can update the recording saying that the Courts are closed if needed.
What is your contact information?
Our address is the Courts Administration Building, 300 North Second Street Suite #215, St. Charles, MO, 63301. Our phone number is (636) 949-3088 and our fax number is (636) 949-7503.
Is there an age limit for Jurors?
You must be at least 21 to be called for Jury Duty. There is no maximum age for jurors.
How may I be excused from serving on Jury Duty?
To be excused, you must submit a request in writing. If it is for a medical reason you must provide a Doctor's Excuse. After the Judge reads your request you will be informed by a post card if you have been excused.
This is just a bad time for me, can I be postponed?
Any juror may ask to be postponed one time. Your services will be rescheduled sometime in the next 6 months.
Does my employer have to pay me for serving on Jury Duty and can he refuse to allow me time off to attend Jury Duty?
It is up to employers whether to pay their employees. Under the law they must allow you time off for Jury Duty, and they cannot penalize you for appearing.
Do you have to be a Registered Voter to be on Jury Duty?
No, in St. Charles County we use Missouri State ID's, Missouri Drivers License, and Voters Registration lists.
Do I need to call before appearing for Jury duty?
Yes, you will need to call 636-949-3033 after 5:00 PM the day before your date to appear. The recording will indicate if your attendance is required or if the trial has cancelled. If the trial has cancelled you should not be called for jury duty for at least 2 years.