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The Juvenile Division of the St. Charles County Family Court is located at the St. Charles County Juvenile Justice Center (JJC), 1700 South River Road (63303).  Our mission statement is To properly screen referrals of juvenile delinquency and status offense conduct by juveniles and to process them in such a manner as to hold juveniles accountable for their conduct and reduce the likelihood to re-offend.  In cases of child abuse/neglect, to protect the rights of both parent and child and strive for permanency on behalf of the child who has been removed from the parental home. 

We process referrals alleging child abuse/neglect for children under the age of eighteen (18), as well as for status offenses (i.e. runaway or truancy) and/or delinquency (law violations) for children under the age of seventeen (17).  While the nature of the referral dictates the level of intervention provided, our staff are mandated to act in the best interest of the child that is referred.  Rather than acting in a punitive manner, we strive to provide rehabilitative services to all children, as well as the families of the children, referred to us.  All of our various policies and procedures regarding services and programs are designed with this in mind.  And while we all want to help children and families, we also understand that as a division of the St. Charles County Circuit Court (11th Judicial Circuit of Missouri), we must have a formal process in place prior to our providing intervention services.   

Referrals to the Juvenile Division are received from police officers, school officials, and other agency representatives.  The referrals are submitted via written report and contain the necessary supporting documentation.  If you have any questions regarding the referral process, please contact the following:

St. Charles County Juvenile Justice Center

Administration/Detention Facility
Juvenile Justice Center
1700 South River Road
St. Charles, MO 63303


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    Court Services

    8 am to 5 pm

    636-949-3040 Services / Supervision 636-949-3017
    Juvenile Division Control Room, after hours




    Status Offense/Child Welfare

    Booking Area


    Detention 636-949-3069



Juvenile Justice Center

1700 South River Road

St. Charles, MO 63303


Map to Juvenile Building