1. Attorneys must e-file all documents and the Court must receive the original documents and signatures from Pro Se persons, along with the required filing fee, the appropriate "Probate Court Party Information Sheet", and a death certificate if filing a deceased estate or a birth certificate if filing a minor estate.

(a) Anyone named as heir or legatee in a Will must be listed on the Application for Letters and the applicant must attempt to obtain Social Security Numbers and dates of birth. (If someone does not want to release SSN then the Court will need the last four digits of the SSN in order to create a party ID or a sworn affidavit as to why they refuse to give this information). (If after, every attempt is made to obtain SSN or last four digits and the person still refuses to release this information, the attorney or applicant for the estate must file a sworn affidavit as to the attempt they made to obtain this information).

(b) All persons listed on an Application for Letters of Administration, Small Estates, Spouse’s on Refusal of letters and Creditor’s on Refusals must be listed on Party Information Sheets and all information obtained. If SSN and d/o/b cannot be obtained, affidavits as referred to in (a) must be filed.

(c) Anyone listed on “Exhibit B” of a “Petition For Appointment of Guardian and/or Conservator” for a respondent, must be listed on the party information sheet, along with all information. (If information cannot be obtained, sworn affidavits, as listed above in (a), must be filed).

(d) When filing a “Petition For Appointment of Guardian and/or Conservator of a Minor” the party information sheet must include the information on minor, guardian(s) and/or conservator(s), natural father, and natural mother. (An attempt to obtain SSN and d/o/b must be made or the above in (a) must be filed).


2. Any attorney handling an estate must be listed on the
Party Information Sheet along with his or her Bar Number.

3. Parents of minors listed as deceased on “Petition for Guardian and/or Conservator of Minor”, the Court must receive a death certificate to prove death.

4. All minor guardianship and/or conservatorships, parents (if both are not serving as conservator) must sign a notarized consent (form) and a waiver of service.