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Last Updated January 31, 2017


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Attorney Conflict Calendar

The Attorney Conflict Calendar is a web-based application offered by the Boone county circuit court. Per local court rule attorneys may register with the court up to 10 calendar days each month where they have a calendar conflict with the court. It allows those attorneys registered with the application to record those dates electronically online. Such conflicts, recorded separately for Circuit Court and Associate Circuit Court, are taken into consideration when cases are scheduled for court appearances.

Certain options allow conflicts for an attorney to be viewed and managed by that attorney and can optionally allow others to view and manage conflicts on behalf of the attorney.  The latter is useful when the attorney is part of a law firm and wishes to allow others in the firm, such as an administrative assistant, to manage the conflicts for the whole firm.

Effective September 1, 2011 all conflicts registered with the court MUST use the web interface.

Attorney Conflict Calendar Registration: There is a one-time registration process. An attorney who wishes to take advantage of the service will first need to contact the Presiding Judge's Secretary at (573) 886-4060 to get set up in the application. The attorney's information will be validated and entered into the application by the court. When the court completes the registration process the attorney will be contacted and provided with logon credentials.

If an attorney wishes to allow another (such as an administrative assistant) to view and manage conflict information on the attorney's behalf then a separate registration and logon credentials for that person are required as well.

Attorney Conflict Calendar Portal & Instructions

Attorney Conflict Calendar Portal

Boone Attorney Suite

A suite exists on the 2nd floor of the Boone County Courthouse outside the Clerk's office for use by attorneys. There are rooms for private client consultation available as well as an open area with a conference table. The suite also has a computer and printer available. The computer has basic services including Word and Excel. It also has wireless internet access. Anyone using the wireless internet resource must first have been given logon credentials (discussed below).

Please note this equipment is provided as a courtesy by the Boone County Bar Association. While the courthouse Technology Services staff can provide credentials for the wireless internet, they do not manage this equipment. The equipment is managed by Thad Taylor at the BCBA. Any questions or problems regarding the equipment in the attorney suite must be addressed to him.

Courthouse Wireless Internet Access

Both the Boone County Courthouse and the Callaway County Courthouse have wireless access to the internet. Wireless access is provided to attorneys and to authorized news media only. Wireless internet access is NOT provided for the general public, jurors, litigants or other case participants.

The network allows full internet access from most (but not all) public areas within each courthouse. The 13th judicial circuit accepts no responsibility for equipment used on the network or damaged as a result thereof. It is the sole responsibility of the user to maintain proper anti-virus and internet-compatible software on any user devices.

The wireless network supports wireless standards 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g. This should include the standards for most (but not necessarily all) notebooks and handheld devices. Each device used to access the network must have a standards-compliant wireless adapter and must be able to accept a software security certificate for login verification.

To Obtain Logon Credentials: Any attorney wishing to utilize the wireless network will need to first contact the 13th Circuit Technology Services staff by e-mail at least 1 day in advance. The e-mail address is The e-mail must include the following information:

  • Attorney First and Last Name
  • MOBAR Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Law Firm (or note if solo practice)
  • BOONE ONLY: Password you'd like to use (must be entered by Technology Services staff) There are no requirements regarding length or composition

Technology Services staff will e-mail the attorney those credentials along with brief instructions on using the wireless network.

Attorneys, not their staff, must contact Technology Services directly since the credentials will be communicated only to the attorney and not to anyone else on their behalf.

Courtroom Technology

Boone County

The Boone County Courthouse has several technology components available. Each courtroom is equipped with a sound system. Four of the courtrooms (Ground Floor, 2 South, 3 West and Ceremonial) have video conferencing capabilities built in. There are also portable Polycom video conferencing units available for use in other courtrooms. Assitive-listening devices are available in all courtrooms for the hard-of-hearing.

With sufficient advance notice the Technology Services staff can provide:

  • an LCD projector (requires VGA input)
  • a portable document camera (requires VGA input)
  • a projector screen,
  • a TV cart with a DVD player,
  • a portable sound system with a wireless microphone that can also accept audio input from other sources such as a notebook computer.

Two of the courtrooms - 3 West and Ceremonial - have several technology components available for evidence presentation, video conferencing and teleconferencing. Monitors are strategically placed within the courtrooms for easy viewing by the judge, counsel, witness, jury and the gallery. The evidence presentation capabilities of the courtrooms include a DVD player, document camera, and the ability to project evidence contained on an attorney notebook computer. 3 West uses VGA and a headphone jack to connect the attorney notebook to evidence presentation. Ceremonial can utilize either VGA or HDMI.

Wired internet access is NOT available in courtrooms or hearing rooms.

Callaway County

The Callaway County Courthouse has limited technology resources. There is a portable Polycom unit available for video conferencing and video arraignments. There is also available a portable sound system with 2 wireless microphones that can also accept audio input from other sources such as a notebook computer.

Wired internet access is NOT available in courtrooms or hearing rooms.


1. Some computers may require certain keyboard strokes, need certain software drivers installed, require the use of a VGA adapter, and/or require a change in screen resolution to send video and audio signal out of their electronic device to the evidence presentation system. It is the responsibility of counsel to understand the technical aspects of their electronic devices in order for them to work with courthouse devices. 13th Circuit Technology Services staff cannot / will not load or update software on your computer.

2. Screen resolution for the evidence presentation systems works best at 1024 x 768. If your notebook is not already at that resolution, please determine how to make the change.

3. Ensure video and audio drivers are up-to-date on the notebook you'll be using for evidence presentation. Just because sound plays on your computer doesn't necessarily mean it will also play when connected to the audio jack of the courtroom evidence presentation system. (This actually happen and required an updated driver on the attorney notebook to get sound to be heard).

4. Do NOT place sticky paper labels on CDs or DVDs. When the disk spins it throws the disk off-balance and makes noise.

5. Ensure all evidence will display & play properly on your notebook before arriving.

6. Provided the courtroom is available, Technology Services staff can assist you in a 'dry run' of your presentation in the courtroom to ensure your video evidence will interface properly.

7. Do not count on wi-fi internet access to play videos, etc. Wi-fi speed is not sufficient for video, and it is possible internet access could be interrupted due to technical issues.

8. It is the responsibility of counsel to provide any adapters (if necessary) to allow their device to connect with the courthouse device. Technology Services staff may be able assist in some basic triaging of problems, but are not responsible to install software, provide adapters, or configure counsel computers to work with courthouse devices.

9. The DVD players in 3 West, Ceremonial and the TV cart will play ONLY standard DVD format like one plays in a home theater system. DVDs can also be used for file storage but require a computer in order to access and play. The DVD players just mentioned cannot read file storage DVDs. Please be sure you understand the difference. If you have questions please contact Technology Services staff.

For more information regarding the technology available in either courthouse please contact the Technology Services staff at:

To discuss the booking of a specific courtroom please contact the Presiding Judge's Secretary at:

  • Phone: (573) 886-4060.


The 13th Circuit is on electronic filing, or "eFiling." That means any attorney filing a case with the Boone or Callaway Circuit Court will be required to do so electronically. Pro se litigants who are not attorneys may file in paper. For more information on signing up for eFiling, or steps on how to file electronically, please visit the judiciary's website. Generally paper filings will not be accepted in the courthouse, unless required by law.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Guardian Ad Litem

The 13th Judicial Circuit uses two types of Guardians Ad Litem, or GALs: Family Court GALs and Probate GALs. 

The circuit maintains attorneys on contract for most of its GAL needs in Family Court cases.  These contracts are given on an annual basis beginning January 1 of each year.  The 13th Circuit also maintains a rotating list of other GALs who meet the Supreme Court’s standards who can serve as GALs if the contract attorneys are conflicted out, or for other types of family law cases not covered by the contract attorneys.  The Supreme Court standards are available on the Supreme Court’s website. The 13th Circuit's GAL Implement Plan is available here.

The training component of the standards is as follows:

Standard 14

The court shall not appoint a lawyer to serve as guardian ad litem until the lawyer has completed eight hours of continuing legal education devoted to guardian ad litem training. Thereafter, to continue to be appointed as a guardian ad litem, a lawyer shall complete three hours of continuing legal education devoted to guardian ad litem training annually. The hours required for guardian ad litem training qualify toward the mandatory annual 15 hours of continuing legal education.

The program sponsor shall obtain approval of the program for continuing legal education from The Missouri Bar. Any continuing legal education required by this standard shall not be completed by self study. In addition, the program sponsor shall obtain approval of the program as guardian ad litem training from the presiding judge in a circuit where the training is offered. Completion of the training hours shall be documented by an affidavit or other evidence filed with the appointing court by July 31st of each year.

Any lawyer who has completed at least six hours of guardian ad litem training within five years prior to the date of the adoption of these standards shall not be required to complete the initial eight hour course of study. Any lawyer currently approved by the court to serve as a guardian ad litem who has not completed any guardian ad litem training within five years prior to the date of the adoption of these standards shall have one year from the date of the adoption of these standards to complete the initial eight hours of training.

The judge appointing the guardian ad litem shall determine whether the lawyer has completed the required training prior to making any appointment.

Prior to appointment, the lawyer must have completed a training program in permanency planning.

To be added to the Family Court GAL list please send a letter of interest and an affidavit or other evidence of the required training to the Deputy Court Administrator via email at, or mail it to:

Boone County Courthouse
Deputy Court Administrator
705 E. Walnut St.
Columbia, MO 65201

To be a Probate GAL in Boone County, please fill out the following forms and send them to:

Boone County Courthouse
Probate Clerk
705 E. Walnut St.
Columbia, MO 65201

To be a Probate GAL in Callaway County, please contact the Probate Clerk at (573) 642-0780.


Local Court Rules

The local court rules of the 13th Judicial Circuit Court apply to all proceedings in the circuit courts of Boone and Callaway counties, unless otherwise specified by individual rule. The most current docket schedule is available here.

Any local court rule, or part thereof, in conflict with any rule of the Supreme Court of Missouri or any law of the State of Missouri is hereby considered amended to conform to the applicable law or Supreme Court Rule.

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