Last Updated September 18, 2013

Welcome to the Boone County Probate Division

The Probate Division has jurisdiction over the estates of deceased persons and incapacitated and disabled adults and minors. The Division hears all litigation involving trusts, including those trusts established in wills. Disputes involving transfers to minors, personal custodianships and durable powers of attorney are also heard in the Division.

The Division hears cases involving the civil commitment to treatment facilities of persons who are mentally ill or who have substance abuse problems. The Probate Division also hears cases involving the institutionalization of persons alleged to be sexually violent predators.

The Probate Division is comprised of 4 staff members, including the Probate Supervisor, Guardianship/Conservator Clerk, Decedent/Civil Commitment Clerk, and Receptionist Clerk.

The Division has an average case load of more than 1,180 matters. Nearly 563 of these cases involve the supervision of guardians and conservators of incapacitated and disabled adults. The Probate Court hears, on the average, over 253 civil commitment cases. These statistics do not include will contest, trust and other civil and probate litigation cases assigned to the division.

Additional Resources

You may view probate cases (as well as others) on Case.net.

You may view the county web site http://www.showmeboone.com/publicadmin/, for information on the Boone County Public Administrator, an elected official, who is assigned custodial and administrative responsibility for the estates of deceased persons and the persons and estates of minors and incapacitated or disabled persons when there is no legal guardian or conservator or when no one competent to assume such duties is known or can be found.

Old Probate Records

Located below you will find two indices for the Probate Division records in Boone County, Missouri. These indices can be used to search for old probate records from the years 1819 to 1981. If there was an estate open on the individual you are searching for during this time period, you will be able to search by name and locate an estate file number. Once you have determined the estate number you will have to view the file at the Boone County Courthouse as NO files are located online at this time. Please note these indices are the only ones available for these years. Please contact the Probate Division if you would like to view the file to determine its availability.

NOTE: The items below are provided in Adobe PDF format. You will need the Adobe Reader in order to view them. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed, please visit the Adobe web site at http://get.adobe.com/reader/ Get Adobe Reader

NOTE: Both indices are quite large and may take time to load - up to several minutes. If you wish you may right-click on the link, then "Save target as..." and save the file locally, then browse at your convenience.

You may contact the Probate Division if you have questions at (573) 886-4090.