Court Administration

Boone Co. Circuit Clerk

Callaway Co. Circuit Clerk

Last Updated May 9, 2012


The court offices within the 13th judicial circuit are organized as follows:

Court En Banc

The Court En Banc is the panel of all judges and commissioners in the circuit and oversees all functions of the Circuit Court.

Court Administration

The Court Administrator manages the daily operations of the Circuit Court under the direction of the Presiding Judge and the Court En Banc. The Court Administrator provides administrative support for court programs, helps the court establish new programs and evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs, and prepares reports requested by the court en banc. The Court Administrator also manages such functions as the local court’s purchasing and accounts payable; personnel system and payroll.

Several units report to the Court Administrator supporting numerous programs for juveniles and adults. Other units support court operations.

Circuit Clerk

The Circuit Clerk (one each for Boone and Callaway counties) is the elected official responsible for maintaining the complete and accurate records of the court; collecting, accounting for and disbursing all monies paid into the court; and performing other duties, as necessary, to assist the court in performing its duties. Some of the duties of a Circuit Clerk include:

  • receiving, processing and maintaining the judgments, rules, orders and all other proceedings of the court.
  • issuing process, such as summons, subpoenas, executions, garnishments, sequestrations, judgments, orders and commitments.
  • collecting and disbursing all fines and costs.
  • on the court's order, collecting and disbursing other monies paid into the court.
  • preserving the court seal and other property of the office.
  • providing uniform case reporting.
  • maintaining the court case files in an accurate and complete manner.
  • providing staff assistance to the judges to provide for the efficient operation of the court.

Each Circuit Clerk employs deputy clerks to assist in performing these duties.