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Last Updated May 23, 2017


NOTE: Dockets and courtroom assignments are provided in Adobe PDF format. You will need the Adobe Reader in order to view them. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed, please visit the Adobe web site at Get Adobe Reader

Typically by 5:00 p.m. each business day the DOCKET and COURTROOM ASSIGNMENTS for the next court date are posted.

The DOCKET is the list of cases* being heard by a judge or commissioner. Each docket is scheduled to begin at a certain time shown in the heading of the docket. Each case for that particular docket will be called in order.

COURTROOMS identifies the specific location (courtroom or hearing room) in which each judge or commissioner will be hearing cases. Please note that sometimes a judge may hear cases in one location during the morning docket and may move to a different location for the afternoon docket.

To determine the specific location and docket starting time for a particular case:

1) Locate the case in the appropriate DOCKET link (either BOONE DOCKET or CALLAWAY DOCKET). Once you've opened the DOCKET press CTRL+F to open up the 'find' dialog and enter a search parameter (for example, the party's last name). Note which judge is hearing the case and at what time the docket is being heard. The judge and docket time will show in the heading of the DOCKET.

2) Once you've identified which judge is hearing the case and the starting time of the docket, look at the appropriate COURTROOMS link (either BOONE COURTROOMS or CALLAWAY COURTROOMS) to locate the courtroom or hearing room where the judge or commissioner will be hearing the case.

In the Boone County courthouse the dockets and room assignments are located on a table in the main hallway just past the security station.

In both courthouses the dockets are also posted outside each courtroom.

Dockets for Future Dates - Dockets can also be searched by judge or attorney on

Docket Schedules

The DOCKET SCHEDULE shows the general day(s) of the week and week(s) of the month when certain types of cases are heard in the various divisions, both circuit and associate circuit.

Docket schedules effective May 1, 2017:

*NOTE ABOUT DOCKETS - Some cases are considered confidential. Only the 'public' cases are listed in the DOCKET links on this web site.