Last Updated June 7, 2017

Photography / Recording Rules

The use of recording media within courtrooms is defined in Court Operating Rule 16. Rule 16.03 describes the role and responsibilities of the media coordinator and the procedure for requesting the use of recording equipment.

The interim media coordinator for the 13th judicial circuit is:

Matthew Sanders
City Editor
Columbia Daily Tribune
101 N. Fourth Street
Columbia, Missouri 65201
Phone: (573) 815-1500

All requests by representatives of the news media to use photographic equipment, television cameras, or electronic sound recording equipment in the courtroom shall be made to the media coordinator in writing at least five days in advance of the scheduled proceeding.

Courthouse Wireless Internet Access

Both the Boone County Courthouse and the Callaway County Courthouse provide wireless access to the internet in most public areas of the courthouses. Use of the wireless internet access is limited to attorneys and authorized news media only. Wireless internet access is NOT provided for the general public, jurors, litigants or other case participants.

Access to the courthouse wireless internet may be granted to news media representatives upon approval by Court Administration. To request access contact the 13th Circuit Technology Services staff - ideally by e-mail - at least 1 day in advance at bne-technology-services@courts.mo.gov. In the event this method is impractical then telephone at (573) 886-4086 or (573) 886-4088. The information needed includes:

  • First and Last Name(s) of the media representative(s)
  • E-mail Address(s)
  • Name of Media Outlet
  • Which Courthouse (Boone or Callaway)

Technology Services will send the request to Court Administration. Upon Court Administration approval Technology Services staff will create an account for each individual. Technology Services staff will create unique logon credentials then e-mail the media requestor those credentials along with brief instructions on using the wireless network. Note that each media representative will receive their own unique credentials. Credentials are NOT to be shared among media staff. Please refer to the paragraph above on Photography and Recording Rules in courtrooms. Laptops, iPads and other electronic devices are not permitted in any courtroom at this time.

Media Contact

For other questions concerning news media please contact Cindy Garrett, Deputy Court Administrator, at (573) 886-4059 or by e-mail at Cindy.L.Garrett@courts.mo.gov.