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Special Factors
Ltd. Representation
In Forma Pauperis
Courtroom Manners
Sample Pleadings
Senior Citizens
Internet Resources
Medicaid Programs
Dissolution Basics
Child Support
Rep. Tenants
Name Change






Pro Bono Attorneys Deskbook

Table of Contents



  1. Welcome Page

  2. Malpractice coverage for pro bono attorneys

  3. Special factors in representing pro bono clients

  4. Limited representation, a/k/a/ "unbundled services"

  5. Who will pay the costs? Proceeding in forma pauperis

  6. Mediation and pro bono clients

  7. Basic courtroom manners and tips for pro bono litigants

  8. Sample pleadings, forms, tools, and research. Don't reinvent the wheel!

  9. Helping disaster victims

  10. Senior Citizens Handbook

  11. Resources on the Internet

  12. Summary of Medicaid Programs

  13. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

  14. Basics of Dissolution

  15. Child Support Basics

  16. Representing Tenants (presented as a slideshow)

  17. Name Change

Revised August 17, 2009