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What will I be doing?

This is journey level professional work in the enforcement and administration of the Missouri juvenile justice system. An employee in this position is vested with the statutory authority of a juvenile court officer to take charge of children who come within the jurisdiction of the juvenile or family court. An employee in this position is expected to exercise supervision over juveniles under the court’s jurisdiction and to work with a high degree of independence. Positions in this class are distinguished from a Juvenile Officer I by the degree of independence and responsibility expected and the degree of complexity and full range of duties performed. Work may involve basic supervisory responsibilities over lower level Deputy Juvenile Officers. General supervision is received from and work may be reviewed by a higher level Juvenile Officer.

(Any one position may not include all of the duties listed, nor do the examples cover all of the duties that may be performed.)
Responds to on-call or daily referrals made by law enforcement agencies, schools or the Department of Social Services.
Arrests and detains juveniles who may be charged with criminal offenses; provides and explains legal rights to the alleged offender.
Places alleged and convicted delinquent juveniles in local, regional or contracted detention centers.
Prepares petitions, motions, social and court summaries and other reports for all juveniles on caseload.
Supervises juveniles placed on probation by establishing guidelines and completion requirements for probation agreements and community service.
Schedules pre-court staffing between Department of Social Services, juvenile office, interested parties, and attorneys; and notifies all persons involved.
Recommends and monitors probation plan including regular onsite visits to the juvenile’s school and home.
Conducts informal conferences with juvenile and parents to discuss rights of juvenile and alternative methods other than formal charges and court.
Conducts formal conferences with juvenile and parent to discuss formal charges brought against juvenile and to advise juvenile of rights.
Assists law enforcement agencies with investigation and questioning of all alleged juvenile offenders.
Assists the Department of Social Services in the investigation of severe physical or sexual abuse and neglect.
Maintains working relationship with local school officials to monitor educational progress of juvenile on probation.
Makes recommendations to the juvenile court based on evidence, client history and statutory requirements.
Works with prosecutors or contracted attorneys to adjudicate contested cases before the juvenile court.
Represents the juvenile court system at schools and community meetings and makes presentations as required.
Performs related work as required.

Do I qualify?

(The following statement represents the minimum education and experience that will be used to determine qualifications of applicants, provided equivalent substitution will be permitted in case of deficiencies of either experience or education. Education above the minimum stated may be substituted on a year for year basis for the required general experience; experience above the minimum stated may be substituted on a year for year basis for the required education.)
Graduation from a four year college or university with a degree in Criminal Justice Administration, Criminology, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work or related field, and two years of experience as a Juvenile Officer I or equivalent.

Can I be successful?

(This job description does not include specific physical requirements necessary to perform the job, such as carrying, standing, and lifting. Such requirements vary from position to position and may be determined by the appointing authority.)
Considerable knowledge of Missouri statutes and laws regarding juvenile cases. 
Considerable knowledge of juvenile courts and procedures. 
Basic knowledge of the principles and practices of management and supervision.
Basic knowledge of personal computers and software.
Ability to apprehend and detain alleged juvenile offenders including the use of necessary physical force.
Ability to prepare motions, petitions and other legal documents for each juvenile on caseload. 
Ability to present cases and make recommendations to the juvenile court.
Ability to handle potentially hostile situations with a juvenile and family regarding a referral.
Ability to physically control juvenile acting out behavior. 
Ability to communicate effectively with staff and public.

How do I apply?

Interested parties should send resume

By Mail to: 
     Chief Juvenile Officer Perry Barnes
     PO Box 886
     Ozark, MO  65721

Or by E-mail to: Perry.Barnes@courts.mo.gov

Perry Barnes
(417) 582-4358