Supreme Court of Missouri welcomes Judge Brent Powell

2 May 2017photo of Chief Justice Breckenridge swearing in Judge Brent Powell
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Supreme Court of Missouri welcomed its newest member – Judge W. Brent Powell – before arguments Tuesday, May 2, 2017.

“The Court is pleased to welcome this morning the newest member of our Court, Judge Brent Powell, who was sworn in just a short time ago,” Chief Justice Patricia Breckenridge said. “Judge Powell has been an exceptional jurist on the circuit bench in Jackson County, and we know he will be an excellent jurist on the Supreme Court.”

The governor appointed Powell last week from among three nominees to fill the vacancy created by the November 2016 death of Judge Richard B. Teitelman. A native of Springfield, Powell served more than nine years as a circuit judge in the 16th Judicial Circuit (Jackson County). He previously worked as a state and federal prosecutor. He and his wife live in Kansas City.


new Judge Brent Powell joins Supreme Court of Missouri for arguments
Judge W. Brent Powell (far right) joins new colleagues (from left) Judge Mary R. Russell, Judge George W. Draper III, Judge Zel M. Fischer, Chief Justice Patricia Breckenridge, Judge Laura Denvir Stith and Judge Paul C. Wilson for the Supreme Court of Missouri's arguments Tuesday morning, May 2, 2017.