Appellate Judicial Commission

Under the Missouri Nonpartisan Court Plan, the Appellate Judicial Commission helps fill judicial vacancies on the Supreme Court of Missouri and the three districts of the Missouri Court of Appeals. It accepts applications from lawyers interested in serving on the court and interviews the applicants. It then submits the names of three qualified candidates – called the "panel" of candidates – to the Missouri governor. If the governor does not appoint one of the three panelists within 60 days of submission, the commission selects one of the three panelists to fill the vacancy. 

Appellate Judicial Commission
Post Office Box 150
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone: (573) 751-4513
Fax: (573) 751-7365
Office hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday    

Composition of the Commission  
The seven-member commission is chaired by the chief justice of the Supreme Court.  The other members include three lawyers elected by the lawyers of The Missouri Bar (the organization of all lawyers licensed in this state) and three citizens selected by the governor. Each of the geographic districts of the Court of Appeals must have one lawyer and one citizen member on the Appellate Judicial Commission. The chair serves for two years. All other members serve staggered terms of six years each.

Chair – The Honorable Mary R. Russell
Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Missouri
Jefferson City, Missouri
Term expires: May 31, 2015 
Lawyers :   

Eastern District Member

Mr. Thomas M. Burke

St. Louis, Missouri

Term expires December 31, 2017

Southern District Member

Mr. Donald E. Woody

Springfield, Missouri

Term expires December 31, 2019

Western District Member

Mr. J.R. Hobbs                                 

Kansas City, Missouri

Term expires December 31, 2015


Eastern District Member

Mr. Edward "Nick" Robinson

Hazelwood, Missouri

Appointed by Governor Jay Nixon

Term expires December 31, 2018

Southern District Member

Mr. John Gentry

Springfield, Missouri

Appointed by Governor Matt Blunt

Term expires December 31, 2014

Western District Member

Ms. Cheryl M. Darrough

Columbia, Missouri

Appointed by Governor Jay Nixon

Term expires December 31, 2016

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