Make a Payment

No one from a court will ever contact you by phone and ask for payment or credit card information.

The Fine Collection Center processes certain conservation, traffic and watercraft violations for courts in participating counties statewide. The center also offers uniform fines, producing a fairer system for people across the state.

FCC traffic case information appears on, the court’s case management software. By accessing the ticket information, you and your clients can tell immediately when a ticket and payment have been received by the FCC. will give you the option to search by court location. At this point, choose Fine Collection Center, and search by either ticket number or litigant name.

The Fine Collection Center
P.O. Box 104540
Jefferson City, MO 65110-4540
Call (877) 866-3926 (toll-free) to pay by phone or to speak with a customer service representative.
(573) 522-8504 (Facsimile)

At this time, the Pay By Web system only can be used to pay balances owed on disposed cases. Disposed means you have been found or pleaded guilty on a criminal or traffic case OR there is a final judgment on a civil case. Payments typically will be posted within one business day.

Post-Court Payments (when paying AFTER your court date): Payments must be received within 30 days following your court date to prevent a time payment fee from being charged. Payments made in accordance with a court-approved payment plan are due on the agreed upon date. If the court has not received your payment within 30 days following your payment due date, your payment plan will be sent to debt collection and your Missouri income tax refund could be withheld to pay toward your balance due.

Payments Online (for courts using the statewide case management system)

Instructions for Post-Court Payments:

1. There is a convenience fee charged per transaction when payment is made by credit card, debit card or e-check.

2. Payments are made using the following link:

3. Once you access the case information you would like to pay, click the "Pay By Web" link to proceed to the payment information screen.

4. You can search for your case using litigant name search, the filing date, the case number, or the hearing date. Click one of these links to select a search method. When searching by name, enter the court location, last name, then click "Find." For best results, enter the optional information to narrow the search.

5. Upon locating your case, a "Pay By Web" link will display under the case information. Click the "Pay By Web" link and then select the correct party to the case. Click "Pay Selected Case."

6. The next screen verifies the case information and allows for entry of payment information. After all payment information has been entered, click "Continue." If you wish to print additional receipts, enter e-mail information so an e-mail confirmation will be sent to you.

7. Verification of the payment type is displayed with case information, payment amount, processing fee and the cardholder's name that was entered. Click "Submit" to complete the processing of the payment and to receive a confirmation.

8. The Payment Confirmation page will display a link to print a copy of the confirmation receipt. This will give you the balance of the case after the payment, as well as the amount of payment and processing fee. Clicking "Return to Search" will allow you to make additional payments.

Receipt Reprints
You will be allowed to print the receipt from the Payment Confirmation page only. If you wish to have a receipt e-mailed to you, an e-mail address is required when you enter payment information.

For assistance regarding refunds, you will need to contact the court in which the case was filed.

Questions or Concerns
If you are concerned that the balance on the case is not correct, please contact the court in which the case was filed. Case information is a product of the judicial process and must be verified or modified by the court.

If there is a technical problem with the website or the payment process, contact the Office of State Courts Administrator's help desk at (888) 541-4894 for assistance. Help desk personnel cannot assist with case-related information.