Fine Collection Center

The Fine Collection Center (FCC) processes certain conservation, traffic, and watercraft violations for courts in participating counties statewide. Authorized by statute in 1999, Missouri created the processing center to reduce the administrative burden on local court clerks and to free some of their time for other court duties.

The center also offers uniform fines, producing a fairer system for people across the state. As courts volunteer to use this resource, they achieve additional benefits including better accountability and improved collection rates. The counties still receive all fines and the county share of costs and fees, but they are no longer tied down to spending large amounts of their time processing non-contested traffic tickets.

FCC traffic case information appears on, the court’s case management software. By accessing the ticket information, you and your clients can tell immediately when a ticket and payment have been received by the FCC. will give you the option to search by court location. At this point, choose Fine Collection Center, and search by either ticket number or litigant name.

The Fine Collection Center

P.O. Box 104540

Jefferson City, MO 65110-4540

Call (877) 866-3926 (toll-free) to pay by phone or to speak with a Customer Service Representative

Fax: (573) 522-8504

For more information, contact Doug Starr, Program Manager, Fine Collection Center, toll-free at (877) 866-3926 or select Contact below to send an email.