How Do I...?

How do I find my local court?

By using the Missouri courts "Find a Court" feature, search for your local court based on your location. Using the "Search a Location" field, enter your city or ZIP code and select “Find.” Results for your local court, based on the information you entered, will return.

How do I learn more about getting a divorce?

A divorce or dissolution of marriage is a legal process that terminates the marital rights and responsibilities. A divorce or dissolution of marriage should be filed in the county in which either spouse resides. Either spouse in the marriage may file for the divorce. More information is available from the Representing Yourself section or by contacting an attorney.

How do I know my court date?

If you are scheduled to appear in court, the best way to find your court date is to search based on your case number or your name in Once you access, enter your information or case number and select “Find.” You will be given results showing any case to which you are a party. Select the case by clicking the case number. Once the case number is selected, you will be taken to a page that provides information about the case you selected. Select the "Scheduled Hearings & Trials" tab to view upcoming court dates. If you have further questions about the court date or whether your appearance is required, consult your attorney or contact the court in which your case is pending.