Eastern District Opinions

Opinions of the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District

When the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District, issues a decision in the form of a full opinion, it is published to the Internet. All opinions are listed online in reverse chronological order. The information published online includes the case number, case name, attorneys for the parties, the court or commission from which the case was appealed, the name of the judge who authored the opinion, the vote (which includes both the disposition, or result, of the appeal and a listing of how the judges voted on the case), a summary of the opinion provided for the convenience of the reader, and the full text of the opinion. If there is a separate opinion, it is listed after the majority opinion. The court also is authorized, pursuant to Rule 84.16(b) and Rule 30.25(b), to issue memorandum decisions or opinions by a simple order.


All opinions are handed down, or issued, on Tuesday mornings, although occasionally the court may hand down opinions on other days as well. To see the opinions of the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District, click here: Eastern District opinions.