Cameras in the Courtroom: A Guide to Missouri's Court Operating Rule 16

A Guide to Missouri's Court Operating Rule 16

This guide is prepared by the Supreme Court's communications counsel for the convenience of the media, judges and court staff in using Court Operating Rule 16. The guidelines are based primarily on the rule and the commentary of the task force that studied the issue of allowing cameras in Missouri's courtrooms. All citations to Court Operating Rule 16 will designate the rule as "COR." The guidelines are not legal opinions and do not constitute authority for any conduct not specifically addressed by Court Operating Rule 16. The comments and suggestions contained in this guide should not be construed as legal advice for applying the rule or as an official legal opinion interpreting any part of the rule. 


To the extent you have comments and suggestions regarding the language of Court Operating Rule 16 or its practical application in the courtrooms in Missouri, or if you wish to request printed copies of this guide, please contact:


Beth S. Riggert, Communications Counsel

Supreme Court of Missouri

Post Office Box 150

Jefferson City, MO 65102

Phone: (573) 751-3676

Cell: (573) 864-1966

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