6th Judicial Circuit vacancies

Judicial Vacancy: Sixth Circuit Judicial Commission

3 February 2010


KANSAS CITY - The Sixth Circuit Judicial Commission is accepting applications for two associate circuit judge positions of the Sixth Judicial Circuit (Platte County), to fill vacancies created by the impending retirement of the Honorable Daniel M. Czamanske; and the appointment of the Honorable Gary D. Witt to the Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District.

Applications and instructions may be obtained at the Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District, 1300 Oak Street, Kansas City, Missouri. Applicants may also download an application and instructions here:

A single form will serve as an application for both openings. The commission will conduct a single set of interviews of all applicants for the two vacancies.

Pursuant to Rule 10.28(d) (as amended December 14, 2009), the commission will select from all of the applicants those it will interview. The names of those to be interviewed and information relating to the number and characteristics of all applicants shall be released prior to the meeting on March 11, 2010. Other than the names of the persons it selects to interview, the commission shall not release any personally identifiable information about any person not included in the certificate of nomination.

Complete and mail or deliver the original, signed application, flat, unfolded and unbound, to Honorable Thomas H. Newton, at the Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District. Copies shall be sent to the other commission members as provided for in the application instructions. All applications must be received before 4:30 p.m., on Thursday, March 4, 2010. The commission will meet on Thursday, March 11, 2010, at the Platte County Courthouse, 415 Third Street, Platte City, Missouri, to interview applicants and select a panel of three nominees for the vacancy created by Judge Witt’s appointment to the Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District.

Following the governor's selection of one of the nominees from this panel, the commission will meet to select, from the same applicant pool, a second panel of three nominees for the vacancy created by Judge Czamanske's impending retirement. As the commission does not know the date Governor Nixon will select a nominee from the first panel of nominees, it cannot announce the date for the commission's meetings to select the second panel at this time. It will do so as soon as feasible following the governor's selections.

The Missouri Constitution, Article V, section 21, requires that an associate circuit judge be at least twenty-five years old, licensed to practice law in Missouri, a citizen of the United States for at least ten years, a qualified voter of Missouri for the three years preceding selection, and a resident of the Sixth Judicial Circuit for at least one year.

Members of the commission are Thomas H. Newton, Chief Judge, Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District; attorneys Scott L. Campbell and James D. Boggs, of Platte County, Missouri; and lay members Judy Stokes and David B. Barth, of Platte County. The addresses of the commission members to which applications and letters should be sent are provided with the application instructions.


Contact person: Terence G. Lord, Clerk of the Court

Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District

1300 Oak Street

Kansas City, MO 64106

(816) 889-3600