Bibliography of Resources 3

Bibliography of Resources


One Client One Attorney One Promise, Florida

Unbundled Training Program, Sue Talia (Note: To view the videos you must click the play button (black triangle) on the left end of the tool bar, which displays at the bottom of the video screen.)

YouTube Video, Shirley Abrahamson, Chief Justice, Wisconsin Supreme Court


ABA Pro se/Unbundling Resource Center (Last visited 11/30/10)

ABA Pro Bono Center - Judicial Promotion of Pro Bono (Last visited 11/30/10)

ABA Center for Pro Bono Clearinghouse Library (Last visited 11/30/10)

California Courts Equal Access Project, Pro Bono Tool Kit (Last visited 11/30/10)

Conference of State Court Administrators

• Conference of Chief Justices (Last visited 11/30/10)

Fair Debt Collection Courtroom Lawyer for the Day in the Boston Municipal Court (Last visited 11/30/10)

Limited Scope Representation for Legal Services Providers, 2009 (PLI Web program) (Last visited 11/30/10),Ro:0,N:4294963389-167&fromsearch=false&ID=67329

MoBar Circle

Pro Bono Tool Kit, Supreme Court of California (Last visited 11/30/10)

Senior Partners for Justice, Boston (Last visited 11/30/10)

Suffolk Probate and Family Court Limited Assistance Representation Courtroom Lawyer for the Day Project (Last visited 11/30/10)

The Pro Bono Institute - Law Firm Pro Bono Project (Last visited 11/30/10)

The Pro Bono Institute - Corporate Pro Bono Project (Last visited 11/30/10)

Unbundled Legal Services, Sue Talia (Last visited 11/30/10; site is being redesigned)

Volunteer Lawyers Project of the Boston Bar Association (Last visited 11/30/10)

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