2 April 2014
Commission announces nominees for Sauer associate circuit judge vacancy in Jackson County


The 16th Circuit judicial commission has considered 18 applicants and selected a panel of three nominees for the associate circuit judge vacancy in division 29 of the Jackson County Circuit Court, created by the death of The Honorable Margaret Sauer.  The nominees are Kimberly Fournier, Rebecca Lambert, and Janette Rodecap.


Kimberley Fournier – Unit Leader with the Missouri Attorney’s General Office, labor division in Kansas City.


Rebecca Lambert – Trial Team Leader with the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office - family support division.


Janette Rodecap – Attorney for the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office.

Each applicant received five votes.


The commission has submitted the panel to Governor Jay Nixon, who will have 60 days to appoint one of the nominees as associate circuit judge for division 29.  


The commission is chaired by Chief Judge James Edward Welsh of the Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District, and is composed of attorneys Scott Bethune and Teresa Woody, and lay members William Gautreaux and Eric Williams. 




Contact person:                       Terence Lord

                                                Clerk of Court

Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District

1300 Oak Street

Kansas City, MO  64106 

(816) 889-3600