Supreme Court electronic filing announcement for attorneys

29 August 2011

Supreme Court electronic filing announcement for attorneys

The Supreme Court of Missouri is pleased to announce that it will become the state's first pilot for the new Missouri eFiling System effective Sept. 1, 2011. As a result, as of Sept. 1, attorneys will be required to file electronically in the Court for both new and pending cases. To help guide attorneys as to what documents should be filed electronically during the Supreme Court's pilot, the Court has adopted a local rule in addition to the statewide rules governing electronic filing. Attorneys filing in juvenile or sealed cases – which cannot be filed through the eFiling System – should contact the Supreme Court’s court en banc office at (573) 751-7313 for further instructions. 

To begin filing electronically, an attorney must register for a free account. To begin the registration process, click here. Attorneys are encouraged to register before the pilot period begins. 

Because the pilot process by its nature is subject to refinement, improvement and other modification, the Court encourages users to contact the Help Desk by e-mail at or toll-free at (888) 541-4894 with any questions, concerns or constructive comments about the Missouri eFiling System. Attorneys with questions about compliance with Supreme Court rules regarding a particular filing should call the Supreme Court’s court en banc office at (573) 751-7313. 

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this pilot phase, and we look forward to working with you to help make electronic filing a reality in Missouri.