Supreme Court judge announces plan to return to teaching

20 October 2010

Supreme Court judge announces plan to return to teaching

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Supreme Court Judge Michael A. Wolff announced the following today:

    I have informed my colleagues at the Supreme Court of Missouri that I plan to leave the Court to take a full-time teaching position at Saint Louis University School of Law beginning in the fall semester of 2011.

    The law school has a remarkable teaching faculty and has created a highly productive community of scholars. The scholarly work of the current faculty is extraordinary, and the school is attracting some of the finest young scholars in legal education today. While I am not exactly young, I am honored to be rejoining their ranks. It is a vibrant and exciting place.

    I have enjoyed my time on the Court because I have been privileged to serve with a highly collegial and mutually supportive group of judges – and I include in my gratitude the several with whom I served who have moved on during my time here. I likewise am grateful for the help of everyone with whom I have worked alongside – my staff, including my executive assistant and the many law clerks who have worked for me; the clerk and deputy clerks of the court; our communications staff; legal counsel; marshals; and maintenance workers. I also am grateful for those who support us here and at the state courts administrator’s office as well as the judges and staff throughout the state who are part of this fine judicial system. I thank the members of appellate judicial commission, the late Gov. Mel Carnahan and the voters of Missouri for this great privilege. I hope that I have served the citizens of Missouri well, and I hope my successor on the Court will enjoy serving here as much as I have.

    By next August, I will have served 13 years on the Court, and the Missouri Constitution says I must retire in the not-too-distant future. Because I am not the retiring type, I am looking forward to the next phase of my life.

Wolff, a resident of St. Louis County, was appointed to the Supreme Court of Missouri in August 1998 and retained by voters in November 2000. He served as chief justice from July 2005 through June 2007.

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