Internet site displaying public court records updated

10 August 2004

Internet site displaying public court records updated

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – People who count on instant access to public case information from Missouri courts, will be pleased with the upgrade to the Internet application  Designed and maintained by the Office of State Courts Administrator,, is utilizing new technology to increase system availability, handle additional users and make the application more accessible and user friendly.

“We are very excited to provide this newly enhanced website to the public, Missouri state government and organizations that have come to rely on its service,” Jim Roggero, director of information technology said.  “In addition to a new look, our team has expanded the system to accommodate additional users and has made the application compatible with the newer Internet browsers.” allows anyone with Internet access the ability to view public case information.  The information is electronically retrieved from Missouri state courts using the Justice Information System (JIS) case management software.  Making this information available via the Internet has greatly reduced the public’s need to visit local courthouses for information and has empowered the public to be more involved in the court process. currently accesses cases from 32 of 45 judicial circuits, the appellate courts, and the Missouri Supreme Court.  The remainder of the courts will be available on as funding for JIS is available.

“We value external input and suggestions about because one of our main objectives is to make it a user friendly portal to court information,” said Roggero.  “For instance, we had many requests for the ability to print the entire case docket without having to print each screen.  Our design team was able to accommodate that request and has incorporated it into current printing functions.” is accessible on the Internet at  Missouri’s court automation program has been internationally recognized by the Computerworld Honors Program and has received additional recognition as a “Best of Breed” application.

“We hope the users appreciate the changes to and want them to know that we are always seeking input for future enhancements,” said Roggero.  “Our goal is that will continue to be a leader in providing access to court information.”