Joint Commission to review pro se litigation

2 October 2002

Joint Commission to review pro se litigation

Contact: Beth Riggert, Communications Counsel
Supreme Court of Missouri
Desk: 573-751-3676
Cell: 573-619-2849

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- The Supreme Court of Missouri and The Missouri Bar announce the formation of a Joint Commission to Review Pro Se Litigation. Increasing numbers of litigants seek to represent themselves in court proceedings, particularly in family court matters.  The Commission will seek to determine the extent of the practice in Missouri family courts, current difficulties encountered by such representation both by the litigants and the courts, and measures that have been adopted in other states relating to pro se litigation.  

Members of the Commission appointed by the Supreme Court include:
    The Honorable Cary Augustine, Judge, 13th Judicial Circuit
    The Honorable Daniel F. Kellogg, Judge, 5th Judicial Circuit
    The Honorable Margaret M. Neill, Judge, 22nd Judicial Circuit
    Lottie Wade, St. Louis, Missouri
    Gary Waint, Jefferson City, Missouri
    Judy Zerr, Circuit Clerk, 11th Judicial Circuit

Members of the Commission appointed by The Missouri Bar include:
    Charles R. Baird, Springfield, Missouri
    Carla M. Fields, Kansas City, Missouri
    Richard F. Halliburton, Kansas City, Missouri
    Lori J. Levine, Jefferson City, Missouri
    Kris Smith, Kansas City, Missouri
    Allan F. Stewart, Clayton, Missouri
    James H. Young, Blue Springs, Missouri

Lori Levine will chair the Commission, which is to furnish a report of its findings and recommendations to the Supreme Court and The Missouri Bar by June 30, 2003.