February 5, 2010


Supreme Court Case Number SC90612

In re: Thomas R. Oswald, Jr., MBE No. 14506




WHEREAS, the Chief Disciplinary Counsel filed an information and motion for interim suspension pursuant to Rule 5.21(a) advising that on October 27, 2009, Respondent, Thomas R. Oswald, Jr., pled guilty in the Circuit Court of Saline County in Case No. 08SA-CR00003 to a felony.


This Court issued a show cause order to Respondent requesting Respondent file a response to the same. Respondent was granted an extension of time to file said response. Respondent failed to file a response.


The Court now being fully advised of and concerning the premises, it is ordered that Respondent, Thomas R. Oswald, Jr., be, and he is hereby suspended from the practice of law pursuant to Rule 5.21.


It is further ordered that Respondent, Thomas R. Oswald, Jr., comply in all respect with Rule 5.27 - Notification of clients and counsel.


Costs taxed to Respondent.       



Day - to - Day




William Ray Price, Jr.

Chief Justice