Your Missouri Judiciary Account gives you access to the judicial services available. If you already have a Missouri Judiciary Account, you can sign in here.

This is a multi-step process. First you register by creating a Missouri Judiciary Account if you do not have one. You will be asked to register by entering ID information, name, address and security questions. The second step will be subscribing to a Missouri Judiciary service. Certain services require a subscription and a payment process. You will receive a confirmation of your registration that you may print as well as an e-mail notification. Once you have registered, subscribed and paid (if applicable) you will be able to log in.

Registration Step 1 of 5 - MOBAR Validation

The following screens will help you create a Missouri Judiciary Account that is a requirement to log in to judicial services such as eFiling and Supreme Court Publications. Please enter your MOBAR number and PIN and select Continue to proceed through these steps. If you do not have a MOBAR number then select the appropriate option and select Continue.
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