Cases Docketed in the Supreme Court of Missouri


The Supreme Court of Missouri and the Missouri Court of Appeals reserve certain dates each year on which to consider cases, typically by hearing oral arguments. When the Supreme Court schedules a case to be considered, it puts the case on a "docket," or a listing, of cases for a particular month. Once each month's docket is established, a link to those cases will be provided here. The monthly dockets listed below include cases that are to be "submitted on briefs" without oral argument as well as those scheduled for oral argument. Please check the docket pages for each month to see when arguments are scheduled to begin.

The daily docket pages, listed under the monthly dockets, show only those cases that are scheduled for oral argument. The daily dockets also provide PDF versions of any briefs filed in the Supreme Court for a particular case and summaries of those briefs. Briefs are posted as they become available. Summaries, which are provided for the interest and convenience of the public only and which do not reflect any opinion of the Court as to the merits of the case, generally are posted within a week before the argument date.




To view the cases scheduled to be considered by the Court of Appeals, please select from the list of dockets below:



The Supreme Court now offers live audio streaming of its oral arguments. The live audio link will work only during oral arguments. If you are experiencing difficulty in accessing the arguments, please call the Help Desk at (888) 541-4894. Archives of each day's arguments from September 2007 through the present will be available on that day's "cases scheduled" page, below.


See dates the Supreme Court has reserved for argument.


Cases scheduled for argument before the Supreme Court: 


May 19, 2016, docket


May 2016 docket


April 2016 docket


March 2016 docket


November 2015 docket


October 2015 docket

September 2015 docket


To view past listings of monthly and daily dockets of cases considered by the Supreme Court, click here: