Bobrink, Jeannie M. - Reprimand

March 6, 2012


Supreme Court Case No. SC92379

In re:  Jeannie M. Bobrink,   MBE No. 36685            




Now at this day, the Court being sufficiently advised of and concerning the
premises and having considered the statement of acceptance of the Disciplinary
Hearing Panel decision pursuant to Rule 5.19(c);
The Court finds that the Respondent violated Rules 4-1.4(a), 4-1.16(d), 4-8.1
and 4-8.4(d) of the Rules of Professional Conduct and should be disciplined;
Now, therefore, it is hereby ordered by this Court that the Respondent
Jeannie M. Bobrink is hereby reprimanded.
Fee pursuant to Rule 5.19(h) in the amount of $750.00 payable to the Clerk of
this Court to the credit of the Advisory Committee Fund taxed to Respondent.
Costs taxed to Respondent..



Day - to - Day




Richard B. Teitelman

Chief Justice