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Pro Bono Attorneys Deskbook

Sample Pleadings, Forms, Tools & Research:
Don't Reinvent the Wheel!


No need to reinvent the wheel. 


Forms & tools relevant to pro bono representation are part of this Deskbook.  See:  Forms & Tools Library.


Forms for pro se litigants in family law matters have been developed by the Supreme Court Commission on Pro Se Litigation.  When new Supreme Court rules as approved, these forms will be acceptable statewide. For more information, see the Family Law Forms page in this deskbook.


Missouri Bar maintains a forms library.  Attorneys from all over the state upload forms to this site for sharing with other attorneys.  See:  Missouri Bar File Exchange.


Note: These forms and tools are provided by The Missouri Bar as a service to its members who do pro bono work. The Missouri Bar does not assume any liability for the correctness of or use of any form.


Sample Research, Pleading and Practice Forms from Legal Services

Legal services offices in Missouri have developed a library of forms and legal research.  Under the Forms & Tools button at the top of the page you will find a table of contents of the legal services library.  Identify the items which you would like to obtain and email your request to the appropriate Legal Services office.  If you are doing pro bono work for clients who have low income, you may request any of the documents listed that will assist you in that representation.


Requests for documents should be made to the legal services program for your area:

  • For Western Missouri, contact to Latricia Scott-Adams at (816)421-8020 (lscott@lawmo.org);

  • For the Columbia/Jefferson City area, contact Steve Pratte at (573) 442-0116 (scpratte@yahoo.com);

  • For Southern Missouri, contact Deanna Scott at (417) 881-1302 x 318 (deanna.scott@lsosm.org); and

  • For Eastern Missouri, contact Jim Guest at (314) 534-4200, x1304 (JHGuest@lsem.org).

If you are not sure of the Legal Services office for your area, visit the state Legal Services website at:   http://www.lsmo.org/Home/PublicWeb .