Dade, Judicial Circuit 28

Dade County Courthouse

300 W. Water
Greenfield, MO 65661
(417) 637-2271
(417) 637-5055 (facsimile)

Dade County is scheduled to implement electronic filing July 28, 2014.

James R. Bickel, Circuit Judge
David Munton, Associate Circuit Judge

General Information:

Mary McGee, Circuit Clerk
Jennifer Snider/Myra McCorkill, Deputy Clerks
(417) 637-2271
(417) 637-5055 (facsimile)

Please contact the clerk's office for information about docket dates and the following:
  • Adult Abuse Orders: Mary McGee
  • Small Claims: Jennifer Snider/Mary McGee
  • Law Days: Mary McGee
  • Traffic Matters: Myra McCorkill/Mary McGee

Associate Division:
(417) 637-2741