Jasper, Judicial Circuit 29

Electronic Filing Administrative Orders:

Jasper County Courthouse
302 S. Main
Carthage, MO 64836

601 South Pearl
Joplin, MO 64801

For more information about Jasper County and its circuit court, click here.

Special Note: Jasper County has two court buildings, one each in Carthage and Joplin. There are no jurisdictional lines and cases can be filed at either location.

Joplin - (417) 625-4310
Joplin - (417) 782-7172 (facsimile)
Carthage - (417) 358-0441
Carthage - (417) 358-0461 (facsimile)

Gayle Crane, Circuit Judge, Division 1
David C. Dally, Circuit Judge, Division 2
David B. Mouton, Circuit Judge, Division 3/Probate
Joseph Schoeberl, Associate Circuit Judge
Richard D. Copeland, Associate Circuit Judge
Stephen P. Carlton, Associate Circuit Judge

Docket Call:
All cases are specially set by each Division.

General Information:

Melissa Holcomb, Circuit Clerk, Carthage Office
(417) 358-0441 (telephone)
(417) 358-0461 (facsimile)

Melissa Holcomb, Circuit Clerk, Joplin Office
(417) 625-4310
(417) 782-7172 (facsimile)

DeAnn Kolkmeyer, Probate Clerk, Carthage Office
(417) 358-0403
(417) 358-0404 (facsimile)

Please contact the clerk's office for information about the following:
  • Adult Abuse Orders
  • Small Claims Filings
  • Traffic Court

Associate Divisions:
(417) 358-0450
(417) 625-4316