Jasper, Judicial Circuit 29

Notice: The Jasper County Circuit Court located in Joplin will be closed Tuesday August 19 due to construction. The courthouse will reopen Wednesday August 20 for normal business hours.

Electronic Filing Administrative Orders:

Jasper County Courthouse
302 S. Main
Carthage, MO 64836

601 South Pearl
Joplin, MO 64801

For more information about Jasper County and its circuit court, click here.

Special Note: Jasper County has two court buildings, one each in Carthage and Joplin. There are no jurisdictional lines and cases can be filed at either location.

Joplin - (417) 625-4310
Joplin - (417) 782-7172 (facsimile)
Carthage - (417) 358-0441
Carthage - (417) 358-0461 (facsimile)

Gayle Crane, Circuit Judge, Division 1
David C. Dally, Circuit Judge, Division 2
David B. Mouton, Circuit Judge, Division 3/Probate
Joseph Schoeberl, Associate Circuit Judge
Richard D. Copeland, Associate Circuit Judge
Stephen P. Carlton, Associate Circuit Judge

Docket Call:
All cases are specially set by each Division.

General Information:

Melissa Holcomb, Circuit Clerk, Carthage Office
(417) 358-0441 (telephone)
(417) 358-0461 (facsimile)

Melissa Holcomb, Circuit Clerk, Joplin Office
(417) 625-4310
(417) 782-7172 (facsimile)

DeAnn Kolkmeyer, Probate Clerk, Carthage Office
(417) 358-0403
(417) 358-0404 (facsimile)

Please contact the clerk's office for information about the following:
  • Adult Abuse Orders
  • Small Claims Filings
  • Traffic Court

Associate Divisions:
(417) 358-0450
(417) 625-4316