31st Circuit Commission announces demographic, interviewee and meeting information for associate circuit judge vacancy in Greene County

11 September 2013

31st Circuit judicial commission announces demographics, interviewee and meeting information associate circuit judge vacancy in Greene County

Pursuant to Missouri Court Rule 10.28(d), the 31st Judicial Circuit Commission releases the following information relating to the applicants for the associate circuit judge position created by the general assembly. There are 16 applicants: four women, one minority; nine presently employed in the private sector and seven presently employed in the public sector. The applicants' mean age is 46.6.

Also pursuant to Rule 10.28(d), the Commission announces it will interview all 16 applicants.

The applicants are:

Robin J. Aiken

Chantel L. Alberhasky

P. Janette Worsham-Bleau

J. Ronald Carrier

Chad T. Courtney

Wendy E. Garrison

Brent D. Green

Margaret E. Holden

D. Andrew Hosmer

Stuart P. Huffman

Jason J. Lessmeier

Tyson J. Martin

T. Todd Myers

Nhan Duc Nguyen

James R. Sharp

David F. Sullivan

The commission will conduct interviews starting at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, September 24, 2013, at the Missouri Court of Appeals, 300 Hammons Parkway, Third Floor Conference Room, Springfield. The public is invited to attend and observe interviews. The commission will meet immediately after interviews are completed on September 24, 2013, in the same location, to select three nominees from this applicant pool for the governor's consideration.

The members of the 31st Judicial Circuit Commission are: Chief Judge William

W. Francis Jr., Clifton Smart, Andrew Bennett, Linda Fowler and Steven Stepp.


Contact Person: Ms. Sandra L. Skinner
Clerk of the Court
Missouri Court of Appeals, Southern District
300 Hammons Parkway, Suite 300
Springfield, MO 65806