21st circuit commission releases demographic, applicant, interview information for Sherry vacancy in St. Louis County

15 May 2011

21st circuit commission releases demographic, applicant, interview information for Sherry vacancy in St. Louis County

Originally released May 13, 2011; updated June 6, 2011, with information about the commission's meeting.

CLAYTON, Mo. -- Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 10.28(d), the 21st Judicial Circuit Commission releases the following information relating to applicants for the associate circuit judge vacancy created by the appointment of Judge Thea Sherry: 37 applicants, 26 women, 11 men, four minorities, 33 non-minorities, 21 presently employed in the private sector and 16 presently employed in the public sector. The applicants' mean age is 49.

Also pursuant to Rule 10.28(d), the commission announces it will interview all 37 applicants. The applicants are:
Borbonus, John N.
Boyd, Phillip Calvin
Burcke, Joseph R.
Dodson, Jason David
Duepner, Jr., John J. "Jack"
Emmel, Nancy E.
Fluhr, Steven S.
Ford, Charles T.
Greaves, Mary Wehner
Gullborg, Peter
Herold, Susan M.
Hilton, Bruce F.
Jones, Sr., Phillip E.
Jones, Terry L.
Kelley, Bonnie Joyce
Kerr, Kristine A.
Key, Jr., Alan M.
Kiesewetter, Mark
Knieriem, David C.
Krautmann, Gary Joseph
Lasater, John Robert (J.B.)
Luepke III, Henry F.
McCartney, Margaret
O'Hagan Sean J.
Petersen, Susan M.
Shostak, Grant J.
Smallwood, Clarence
Swartz, Joan M.
Truman, David R.
Tucker, Dana Walker
Vogt, Michael
Waldemer, Dean Paul
Warner, Jr., John D.
Weisman, Jeffrey Todd
Whittle, D. Kimberly
Wittels, Lawrence "Bud"
Wolfe, Fern P.

The Commission will meet beginning at 8:30 a.m. June 8 and 9 in the probate courtroom on the fifth floor of the St. Louis County Courthouse, Clayton, Missouri, to conduct public interviews to select three nominees from this applicant pool for the governor’s consideration. The public is invited to attend and observe the interviews.

Applicants may send an e-mail to 21stJudicialCommission@courts.mo.gov to learn the date and time of their interview, or they may contact Judge Richter’s chambers at (314) 539-4336.

The commission will meet beginning at 9 a.m. Friday, June 10 at the Peoples National Bank, 7600 Forsyth Blvd., in Clayton to select the three individuals to be nominated for the governor's consideration.

The members of the Twenty-First Judicial Circuit Commission are: Chief Judge Roy L. Richter of the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District;  Debbie Champion; Patrick Dudley; and Richard Wuestling IV -- a fifth member has not yet been named by the governor.

Applicants will be asked some of the following questions:

    Why did you decide to become a lawyer?

    Have you ever been the victim of a crime?

    What characteristics and qualities do you believe a Judge should possess?

    What experience do you have in:  criminal law, domestic, business and general civil law?

    How would you work with your fellow judges to
    a) Improve the court
    b) Educate the public about the court system?

    To what extent should a Judge consider political, social and economic consequences in decision making?

    What do you see as the most interesting aspects of being a judge? The most frustrating?

Each applicant will be asked to tell the commission in 3 minutes why your education, training, experience and personal attributes set you apart from the other applicants.


Contact: Laura Roy
(314) 539-4300