Charition, Judicial Circuit 9

Chariton County Courthouse

306 South Cherry Street
Keytesville, Missouri  65261
(660) 288-3602 or 288-3271
(660) 288-3763 (facsimile)

Electronic Filing Administrative Orders:

Terry A. Tschannen, Circuit Judge
Andrea Ravens Vandeloecht, Associate Circuit Judge

Tom Hoover, Juvenile Officer
P.O. Box 143
Linneus, Missouri 64653
(660) 895-5022

Docket Call:
The court calls a docket on the Thursday after the first Monday of each month.

General Information:

Clerk's Office
Eric Stallo, Circuit Clerk
(660) 288-3602
(660) 288-3763 (facsimile)

Associate Circuit Clerk's Office
Denise Schneider, Associate Circuit Clerk
(660) 288-3271
(660) 288-3763 (facsimile)

Please contact the clerk's office for information about the following:
  • Adult Abuse Orders: Eric Stallo
  • Small Claims: Denise Schneider
  • Traffic Matters: Denise Schneider