Not Guilty Plea Form

Not Guilty Plea Form

Only the prosecutor can bargain on the charge.

To have the ticket returned to the prosecutor, follow the directions below:

    1. Complete and sign the Not Guilty Plea Form.

    2. Place the form and your ticket or a copy of your ticket in the pre-addressed envelope if possible, or mail to:

                                                  The Fine Collection Center
                                                  P.O. Box 104540

                                                  Jefferson City
    , MO 65110-4540

    You may fax the not guilty plea form and ticket to (573) 522-8504.

    If you don’t have your copy of the ticket and don’t know the ticket number, call (877) 866-3926 for assistance in determining your ticket number. If an attorney represents you, the attorney on your behalf should submit your not guilty plea form along with an entry of appearance to the Fine Collection Center.

    3. The Center will forward your ticket to the county prosecuting attorney.

    4. The court for the county where the violation occurred will notify you by mail of your court date.

    5. The court is not bound by the Fine Collection Center fine schedule and will assess additional costs and possibly a higher fine.

    Not Guilty Plea Form (Do not fill out this form if you are pleading guilty and paying your fine.)
    I plead NOT GUILTY. I understand that my citation will be sent for disposition to the county prosecutor. I understand the court will notify me by mail of my court date. PLEASE PRINT.
    Name_____________________________________ Address_____________________________________________________ City_______________________________________ State_______________ Zip Code_______________ Daytime Phone (______) _______ -_________________________________ Driver’s Lic. No. and State ________________________________________ Ticket Number(s)______________________________________ County where ticket issued (see top line of ticket)_______________________________ Date of Ticket________________________________ Signature_____________________________________________________ Date_______________________________________