Bibliography of Resources 2

Bibliography of Resources

Reports & Deskbooks

• ABA Deskbook for government pro bono attorneys

• Access to Justice: Opening The Courthouse Door, David Udell and Rebekah Diller, Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law (2007)

• Agenda For Access: The American People and Civil Justice ABA (1996)

• Best Practices for the Administration of Court-Sponsored Volunteer Lawyer for the Day Programs, Access to Justice NY State Courts (2010)

• Best Practices in Court-Based Programs for the Self-Represented: Self-represented Litigation Network (2008)

• Best Practices for Court Help Centers and Programs to Assist Unrepresented Litigants, New York State Courts Access to Justice Program (December 2009)

• Civil Legal Aid in the United States an Update for 2009, Center for Law and Social Policy (July 2009)

• Civil Legal Assistance for All Americans, Jeanne Charn & Richard Zorza (2005)

• Civil  Legal Services, Low-Income Clients Have Nowhere to Turn Amid the Economic Crisis, Brennen Center for Justice (2010)

• Deskbook for Pro Bono Attorneys, (2009)

• Documenting the Justice Gap in America, Legal Services Corporation (2007)

• Making Pro Bono a Priority, Bar Leaders Handbook, ABA (1996)

• Handbook on Limited Scope Legal Assistance, Modest Means Taskforce of ABA (2003)

• Maryland: Local Pro Bono Committee Resource Manual, Standing Committee on Pro Bono Legal Service, Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland, Inc. (2003)

• Supporting Justice II, A Report on the Pro Bono Work of America’s Lawyers, The ABA Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service (February 2009)

• Unequal Access to Justice: A Comprehensive Study of the Civil Legal Needs of the Poor in Indiana, (2008)


Conference of Chief Justices, Resolution 23, (2001)

The Conference of Chief Justices Resolution VII - Encour­aging Pro Bono Services in Civil Matters, February (1997)

ABA Resolution 121 C (2006)


Section 105.711.2(5), RSMo (state malpractice protection for volunteer attorneys)

Section 514.040, RSMo (In forma pauperis)

Section 537.117, RSMo (immunity of charitable organization officers)

Volunteer Protection Act, 42 USC Sections 14501-05

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