Former Commissioners of the Supreme Court

Former Commisioners of the Supreme Court of Missouri
(Notes: A single asterisk denotes a commissioner who later was appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court. A double asterisk denotes a Supreme Court judge who later was appointed as a commissioner of the Supreme Court. A triple asterisk denotes a commissioner who was appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court but who died before taking that office.)
Name of CommissionerHome CountyDates of Service
Alexander Martin St. Louis 1882-1886
John E. Phillips Boone 1882-1885
Charles A. Winslow St. Louis 1882-1883
H. Clay Ewing Cole 1883-1886
David A. DeArmond Bates 1885-1886
James Thomas Blair* DeKalb 1911-1914
Henry Whitelaw Bond* St. Louis 1911-1912
Rueben F. Roy Ralls 1911-1919
Stephen S. Brown Buchanan 1911-1923
Fred Lincoln Williams* Jasper 1913-1916
Robert T. Railey St. Louis 1915-1927
John Turner White* Greene 1917-1922
William T. Ragland* Monroe 1919-1922
Charles Edwin Small Jackson 1919-1924
Albert T. Reeves Jackson 1921-1923
Walter Naylor Davis St. Louis 1923, 1927-1931
Edward Higbee** Adair 1923-1929
James D. Lindsay Henry 1923-1930
Alfred Morton Seddon Jackson 1923-1931
Berryman Henwood* Marion 1927-1930
George Robb Ellison* Nodaway 1927-1930
James A. Cooley Adair 1929-1941
Charles L. Ferguson Ripley 1930-1939
Henry J. Westhues* Cole 1930-1954
John T. Fitzsimmons*** St. Louis 1931-1934
Laurance Mastick Hyde* Mercer 1931-1943
John Thomas Sturgis Greene 1931-1935
Walter Henry Bohling Pettis 1934-1963
John H. Bradley Dunklin 1935-1950
Sidna Poage Dalton* Cape Girardeau 1939-1950
Paul W. Barrett Greene 1941-1972
Paul Van Osdol Linn 1943-1959
Frank P. Aschmeyer St. Louis 1950-1951
Lue C. Lozier Carroll 1950-1955
Cullen Coil St. Louis 1951-1964
Alden A. Stockard Cole 1954-1982
Lawrence Holman* Randolph 1955-1963
Norwin D. Houser St. Louis 1959-1978
Jack Pence Pritchard Vernon 1963-1972
Robert Rucker Welborn Stoddard 1963-1981
Andrew Jackson Higgins*
Platte 1964-1979